About us

We are one of Sweden’s leading companies in the design of commercial kitchens and restaurant kitchens. With long experience in preschool kitchens, school kitchens, central kitchens, bistro kitchens, café kitchens and restaurant kitchens.

Our work area today is southern Sweden with some exceptions. The goal is to geographically expand the area, we have had several projects in Gothenburg and Stockholm with local architects and see a great potential in these regions.

This requires us to expand our ranks with new talented and independent colleagues. This expansion should naturally focus on quality so that our old and new customers feel secure in their collaboration with us.

Feel free to call us for further information or visit our office on Stortorget over a cup of coffee!

Our coworkers

Göran Nilsson

Commercial kitchen projector, CEO
0708 – 46 66 00

Marianne Nilsson

Administration, finance
0733 – 36 76 90

Ludvig Olsson

Commercial kitchen projector
0706 – 50 14 30

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Structural engineer

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Per-Johan Olsson

Certified inspector
0709 – 46 35 43

Mikael Karwat

Cooling projector
0703 – 35 40 93

Margot Andrén

Cooling projector
0703 – 35 40 89

Harald Jönsson

Certified inspector
0706 – 60 97 77