Authorities and permits

Kitchen operations require a certain amount of preparations in the form of permits and contact with authorities. In an early stage of the planning, we send a plan drawing and equipment list to the local Environment Administration and receive an advance notification of their technical assessment of the kitchen.

Everything from the layout of the premises, hygiene and cleaning to how food is stored and cooked are all factors that play an important role. We can help you to ensure that many of the necessary stipulations are complied with and that the kitchen’s design creates optimal conditions so that your operations both directly and in the long term adhere to the requirements imposed.

Some elements that are not uncommon in kitchens sometimes require additional approval. An example of this is if the kitchen intends to use LPG, which requires a special permit.  

We are always particular about details and we know that careful planning of a kitchen is essential to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements.  This, together with our extensive experience in dealing with authorities, will ensure that you can feel secure with letting us handle this contact and go through the different permits.